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Specialist Law Groups


The HUB initiative, led by the Scottish Futures Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government, aims to bring together local public sector organisations to increase joint working and the shared delivery of sustainable community buildings. The public sector organisations work with a private sector delivery partner in a joint venture delivery company ('hubco') to achieve this.  The HUB initiative is being implemented across five geographical territories inScotland, each with a population of approximately 1 million.

In order to offer support in relation to the HUB initiative, we have established the CLO HUB Group. This is a group of experienced procurement, commercial contract and property lawyers who have a special interest in primary and community care premises development and related matters such as partnership working. The CLO HUB group is able to offer advice and assistance both in relation to the establishment of the hubcos and the subsequent implementation of the hub projects from the new project request letter through to project close.

Litigation: Mental Health Group

Recent years have brought extensive changes to mental health legislation in Scotland. Interpreting and applying the legislation often raises complex and sensitive questions. Central Legal Office (CLO) has a group of solicitors with a special interest in mental health law, who provide expert advice and training on areas including:

  • Interpretation and application of mental health law
  • Appeals against detention
  • Consent issues
  • The Adults with Incapacity Act and the Human Rights Act.

Mental health issues such as appeals against detention require high-quality advocacy skills complemented by an understanding of the legal position and a sensitivity towards individual circumstances. Our Mental Health Group provides all these different elements, offering advice and legal representation, where appropriate. Members of the group host an annual national seminar on mental health law, and can also design tailored training sessions.

Litigation: Practitioner Services Group

Primary care providers - including general practitioners (GPs), dentists, optometrists and pharmacists - deliver many of the services provided by NHS Scotland. The relationship between these practitioners and NHS Boards gives rise to a variety of complex legal issues. Solicitors in CLO's Practitioner Services Group have developed expertise in this specialist area of health service law and can help clients through this often challenging field. Areas we cover include:

  • Interpretation and application of relevant regulations and primary legislation, including human rights
  • Advising on contractual disputes
  • Providing advice and training to Pharmacy Practice Committees and the National Appeals Panel
  • Working with NHSScotland's Counter Fraud Services
  • Drafting and revising correspondence between health authorities and practitioners, representatives and professional bodies.

Litigation: Public Health Group

NHS Boards have new responsibilities for the public in terms of the Public Health (Scotland) Act 2008, including protecting the community from infectious diseases and contamination.  Apart from giving advice to NHS Boards on the exercise of their duties, our solicitors may be required to apply to the relevant Sheriff Court for orders to medically examine persons, for exclusion orders, restriction orders and quarantine orders, on behalf of Health Boards.


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